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The Family Knot Podcast
is coming!

It’s just about time! You are in the right place.

This summer has been an incredible ride of studying, preparing and researching for next week.

Family Knot Podcast
Family Knot Podcast
coming Sept. 2014

From now until further notice, Tuesday is the day you know to download and listen to The Family Knot podcast.

This podcast is especially for the following:

Military spouses/ Moms/ Side hustlers

You are at home during the day.  You keep the children fed, the house clean, the laundry done, the homework all caught up.

You are the caretaker, financial manager, scheduler of lessons, classes and sports.  Oh, and once in a while, you would just like to have a conversation/ or peek in on on what is working for other families in the same situations.  Military spouses have a unique set of challenges in this capacity.

You want to create income, but make family the top priority

Family first.  That’s it.

But even though that’s it, you also understand that you have the skills, capacity and motivation to bring in a little extra income.  You have wanted to explore business models, franchise opportunities, entrepreneurial endeavors but just weren’t sure to start. Perhaps you have been working full-time but would like to try a more creative pursuit in your leisure time.  A hobby turned into a business.  Could that really happen?  Yup.

And again, this is something you may only be able to put in a little bit of time each week.  But who knows where it could lead…

Let’s look at all of the those potential ideas.

You enjoy supporting friends and lifting one another


Got enough happiness, uplift and positivity in your daily life?  Nice.  We can share that with others.

If you are looking for some uplift, feeling a little low or want to hear about how others are making their lives a success?  This is where you need to be.   The interviews we share are about what is working, how to reach out to a friend who is struggling and ultimately, how to live a better life.

Isn’t that what we all strive for?

You like to feel inspired, energized, and uplifted

This is where the bonus really comes in.  I’ve noticed as I’ve been blogging, sharing with others the peace that comes from having our financial house in order, that I am energized.  Inspired.  Uplifted.  Not a bad way to work to bring in additional income.

Plus, by learning from others through podcasts, these feelings are helping me in my daily “Mom routine.”  I’m a bit kinder.  A bit more patient and ready to listen.

Join in and see how this affects you.

Now, tell me in the comments below, what is one question you are looking to have answered on the podcast?

Just one week away!  See ya there!

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