Fengju My Love Who Hates Me
Why? Why you do this to me? Yu yan cried.I 'm sorry sister...... I don 't mean to hurt you Yu ting said.Leave!Sorry yu ting immediately leave after.___ 'Why do you betray me? Am I that unworthy? My first love was lie? His love for me was illusion? How can they expect for forgiveness? How? ' Yu Yun crazy cried. She felt like someone was stab her back with sharp knife. She...
Qin Zhi Hua Qing Inner Demons
The war between human cultivators and Yao, and how they overcame or fell before their inner demons. The main character was a teenager whose parents were murdered because they owned a powerful Taoist treasure. He struggled to survive in this chaotic fantasy world to find a chance to avenge his parents, and discovered the secret behind this world in the process.
DOPPLEPOD The Heavenly And Strongest Smartphone
Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of telephone first made his phone call on March 10, 1876. From that day on phone evolved and now it evolved into smartphones. Smartphones is a device in rectangular shape and part of the daily life of most people nowadays, but what if in a blink of an eye you are transported into a different world and your smartphone become your weapon? what should you do? This...
KuralKing The Mysterious Door in the Ruin
While doing their routine wasteland exploration, Lightning and Maggie found a mysterious door that they could not open, what could possibly be behind it?
Ethereal_Light37 The Great CEO's Wife is a Gangster
Erika and Emily were inseparable identical twins but due to an accident that cost their parent’s lives they were forced to live in an orphanage. After some time, Emily, due to her heart condition was adopted by an unknown man who promised to help with her medications leaving Erika behind. Erika was 7 years old when she met Ethan whom she saved from drowning. They became friends. But destiny has...
Master Minesweeper God Rank Upgrade System
Description “As long as I level up another 10 times, I will be able to activate the Gene Lock. At that time, I will be able to destroy this celestial body!”